Be Innovative!


Every option should be explored and tried no matter how unpredictable, impossible, insane or ridiculous does it looks or sound.


Brainstorming, idea generation, playing sessions, note taking. You think you used everything? We will challenge your mind and its abilities to the limits.


Our methods and ideas are are not written or following any books, curriculums or rules. We consider ourselves rebels and we are proud of it.


Every project with innovation as a goal requires smart approach. Identify real problem first and look for the smartest and simplest solution later.

Our Standards


Our goal is to give our customers the best solutions in highest aquality. Our employees strive for excellence and work hard to achieve it. Everything must work and be reliable. Great design must be both, aesthetic and functional. Product or service that pass these conditions will be everlasting.


Our mantra is to create new paths. We are not interested in copying others because we know, that if you want to succeed, you have to be different, unique. Our customers know that we create unique products and experience for them. This is the best way to differentiate us and our brand from the noise on market. Unique, different and proud.